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Some Helpful Tips

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Boost Your Productivity with These GoodNotes

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Discover the hidden potential of GoodNotes, the popular note-taking app, with valuable tips and tricks. Elevate your productivity and make the most out of your digital note-taking experience. Read on to unlock the secrets of GoodNotes and take your note-taking game to the next level.

Unlock the full potential of GoodNotes with these lesser-known tips and tricks. Enhance your note-taking experience and maximize productivity. Get ready to unleash the hidden power of GoodNotes!

  1. Customizing Your Workspace:

  2. Personalize your workspace by changing templates, creating custom covers, and organizing your notebooks. Tailor GoodNotes to fit your style and preferences.

  3. Mastering Note-taking Tools:

  4. Discover the versatile pen tool, highlighting options, and text formatting. Express your ideas with precision.

  5. Utilizing Gestures:

  6. Streamline your workflow with gestures. Create shortcuts, navigate pages, and improve efficiency.

  7. Organizing and Searching Notes:

  8. Create folders, use tags, and leverage powerful search functionality. Say goodbye to clutter and find notes effortlessly.

  9. Collaborating with Others:

  10. Collaborate with classmates or colleagues. Share notes, annotate together, and streamline teamwork.

  11. Syncing and Backup:

  12. Sync across devices and create backups to keep your data secure.

  13. Advanced Features:

  14. Explore shape recognition, lasso selection, and document/image import. Take your note-taking to new heights.

Unleash the full potential of GoodNotes with these tips and tricks. Customize your workspace, master note-taking tools, and maximize organization. Elevate your digital note-taking game with GoodNotes.

What creative ways have you found to maximize your productivity using GoodNotes?


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